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Learn about the different hyrax species.


Hyraxes share many features with elephants and seacows. Recent research using molecular sequence data provides additional support for the association of the paenungulates (elephants, hyraxes and sea cows), which together with sengis, the aardvark, tenrecs and golden moles, are called the Afrotheria.


The Eastern tree hyrax is heavily hunted for its fur in the forest belt around Mt. Kilimanjaro. Because the forests are disappearing at an alarming rate in Africa, the tree hyraxes are probably the most endangered of all hyraxes.

Did you know?

Hyraceum is a petrified excrement composed from urine and feces of rock hyrax. It can age over tens of thousands of years, and is being used by the perfume industry. It can also serve for studying climate change in arid environments.

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Interested in learning more about hyraxes? Get involved! Send us your hyraxs observations or sounds you recorded. Learn more about hyraxes by reading scientific papers.

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